Inspired by Paris, the city of light, Maison Rodin designs iconic shoes with an innovative artistry signature. Timeless creations made from a collection of single parts, creating a fascinating showpiece of meticulous savoir-faire and elegance. Maison Rodin’s masterpieces are distinguishable by demonstrating careful devotion to the smallest details combined with a futuristic view of 21st century Haute Couture.


With its passion for innovation and technical inventiveness, Maison Rodin has pushed the boundaries of Women Shoe Crafting Art.
Haute Couture chef d’oeuvres that combine the irreverence of French design with Swiss precision. An unmistakably passionate approach to design that supersedes constraints and conventions.


Maison Rodin creations are manufactured entirely in-house with handpicked exclusive leathers and components. The artistry and talent behind the creation of each pair of shoes is an extraordinarily precise and lengthy process. Every creation is an outstanding example of the Shoe Crafting Art at its very best: a continuous effort in the search for perfection.